Thursday, February 26, 2009


Okay, yet again, I have fallen for another product from my fellow LHCF PJ's. After reading post after post about it, I searched for places that carried it. I went to a garden center and found it! Yes, this is yet another product that was (apparently) created for humans, then marketed for animals. Yikes. But, it smells pretty darn good. Much better than that funky MTG i used a few years back.

So, I am hearing that many people mix their Mega-Tek, and many people use it raw. It's creamy and white, so I hear that people are getting lots of flakes. Flakes are NOT what's up. I am going to use it on my scalp overnight, and then wash out in the morning. I'm trying to rock twists and twist outs for most of the Spring/Summer. Eh, we will see how it goes!

Can you see the stains from the semi-perm color on my forehead?! I'm so pissed!!!

Semi-Permanent Color

Since the color bug bit me, I tried a few semi-perm colors in my hair. Basically, it was a waste of time, energy and $10. I keep forgetting that semi-perm colors only really show up in the light. After I finished the process, I DC'ed extra hard. My hair is dry, brittle, and it's really agitating me. Luckily, the color only lasts for 6-8 shampoos. I haven't shampooed my hair 6-8 times in the last few months!!!!!!!!!! But, it looks like I will be doing a pretty good share of it. I am doing a story on Dark and Lovely color, which I really want to use to permanently color my hair for the Spring/Summer. I typically go to Hair On You, the salon I went to back in my relaxed days. I am starting to think that I should just let her do it, just like she used to. My hair was NEVER this dry when she colored it!

Oh well. Mission: Failed.

Edit: Two days later, my hair still feels like straw. Even when I slathered in my super moist Giovanni Condish, my hair STILL felt brittle. I have GOT to get this color out of my hair. This is disturbing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Color?

I think I am ready for some hair color! I already have some brown in my hair, but I want some REAL color. I need to make sure that my hair is highly moisturized and is conditioned like crazy if I do it. Don't want any regrets! If I don't loc, I'm definitely going to get some color. Here are some color inspirations from the Essence Style Gallery.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Chlorella Experiment

Man oh man, if you're going to be a member of Long Hair Care Forum, you had better be ready to spend!!! I went into a forum about Chlorella, a "superfood" with a host of benefits for the body. This whole situation stemmed from others using it for detoxing the body, weight loss, etc. Some members noticed that they were also getting clearer skin, longer nails, lashes and hair! Since I had been looking for a good detox plan, this was pretty much a good start.

I was up for hours researching this last night, and when I went to GNC this afternoon, I settled upon Kyo Chlorella. One of the videos that I viewed on Youtube ( which was VERY informative) said that people don't benefit from pills as much (vs. powder, since many people use this for quicker results) because the cell walls aren't broken. So, I made sure the pills that I purchased had pre-broken cell walls. Many people are mixing the powder with juices and smoothies, but I know those will NOT settle with my stomach. Yuck.

So, today I am starting out taking three 3g pills a day. The package says that you should take 6 a day. Each brand's dosage is different! I am really on a health kick lately, and I (now) believe what I put into my body will result in how my body works! This goes for my hair as well! More water, less junk, more fruits and veggies, less crap. I think this change will be a life saver...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 2 Year Birthday, Hair!

I cannot believe that I cut off the remainder of my relaxed ends 2 years ago!! Wow, it's been a CRAZY journey, but so worth it. My and my fro have a personality of our own!!! ; )
I went back and forth about going natural for years, and I still think it is one of the best decisions I have made. My hair is thicker, healthier and more fun than I ever thought it would be. It's really life changing, from the way you maintain it to the guys that are attracted to you and the stereotypes that people cast. Looking at this picture, I didn't even realize that my edges looked that bad. Yikes!!! Oh well, happy birthday hair! The present to myself??? A super thick, creamy, moisturizing deep conditioner!

Remember my cries for help and motivation just a few months prior?!?! Wow, I've come a LONG way!!!!

Here's a photo album of my entire natural hair journey, up til last August, when I decided to start blogging about my hair. Maybe it will inspire someone, or give someone hope!