Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye...Again...Kind Of....

Okay, for real this time! I've decided to go ahead and merge two out of the three of my blogs. All of my natural hair posts have been moved on over to Scandalous Beauty. There you'll find hair and makeup all in one easy to locate blog. Please excuse my indecisiveness. I excel at that.

May I just say, for the record, that I miss my fro like crazy. I've wanted to lather it in Honey Hemp conditioner, create funky twist outs, and see just how big and crazy it could have been! But, my hair is confined to the locs that are emerging at the moment. And ya know what? I don't regret locking my hair at all. If I hate them, I'll comb them out. I hope that you will continue to follow me over at Scandalous Beauty. Remember, you can watch my natural hair videos (which I have a slew of them to work on!) at and my hair albums at and

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Newest Blog!

Hey everyone!

I clearly leave for my trip to NYC in 4 hours. I haven't packed a single item, but I'm on here blogging! Just wanted to let you all know about my new blog, An Urban Scandal. I discuss the things that inspire me, as well as some of my vices, neo-soul music, Starbucks, fashion. It's a sprinkling of everything!

My biggest decision at the moment is deciding if I will keep the blog seperate or combine it with Scandalous Beauty. As I said on Twitter, I don't want to be one of the "talkaboutalittlebitofeverything" blogs. SB didn't start out that way, and I don't want to alter it to be that way! So, feel free to check me out. I'll be mobile blogging from NYC, stay tuned!

Hey everyone!

I haven't used this blog in over 3 years, but I thought I should come on over and update you! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my loc progress. I've been loc'd for 4 years now! This is a style I created a few weeks ago at a blog conference.

Also, I have a lifestyle blog called Peace, Love: Erin Joy right here on Blogger. It's a lifestyle blog that covers family, food, decor and the journey to my wedding in March. I post there every couple days, so I hope you'll follow me there! I'm still blogging about makeup on my beauty blog, Scandalous Beauty, and I've got new videos coming to my YouTube channel soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Oyin Handmade Contest Results!

Jamyla, Owner of Oyin Handmade

This is a Twitpic from my boss, Jamyla. She's one of those women that has a ton of hair, but wears it back all of the time. This is completely expected in her line of work. So, I have to say that I was FLOORED when I saw that she posted this pic of herself in the Oyin Store. Look at all of that hair!!!

Many people don't know that Jamyla had locs, and combed them out. She then just let her hair do its own thing. She is a DIY girl, she relies on no one for her hair. This is pretty evident since you already know that she is head mixtress and owner of Oyin! I'm trying to think of a way for her to reveal her regimen for her hair. An interview, maybe?

I always tell her that her hair is crazy gorgeous! She's a very humble and modest lady (with an infectious laugh, mind you) so she giggles away and keeps it moving. This is just a quick reminder that patience and nourishment can pay off!

Don't forget to check out the Oyin Handmade Blog for updates, new product announcements and banter from the super couple (her other half, Pierre also owns Oyin and is a crazy good film maker and artist. Check out some of his productions at! Their newest podcast will include the winners of the Oyin/NaturallyScandalous contest!!! Thanks so much for all of you who entered!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Video: Wait! Before You Relax Your Natural Hair, WATCH THIS!

(X-posted at Long Hair Care Forum)

I don't know if you all remember, but about a year ago I had a meltdown over the frustration of my natural hair. (I wrote about it here on LHCF on a thread called Naturals...Why Is My Hair Not Growing? I also did a video about it on Youtube. I was SO mad!) It was such a hard time in my life. It was dry, brittle and not growing (or so I thought). I ran on over here and did a post asking why my hair wasn't growing and all that jazz. Now, I am loc'ing, but my hair is healthier and happier than ever, and I'm still natural. I created a video for those that are frustrated, confused, scared, or feel ashamed, not confident, not supported and alone. Hopefully this helps someone. I'm working on a series of videos to help naturals and transitioners on my Natural Hair YT channel, Naturally Scandalous.

Here's the video that I wish I had when I was on the verge of relaxing my hair.