Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Newest Blog!

Hey everyone!

I clearly leave for my trip to NYC in 4 hours. I haven't packed a single item, but I'm on here blogging! Just wanted to let you all know about my new blog, An Urban Scandal. I discuss the things that inspire me, as well as some of my vices, neo-soul music, Starbucks, fashion. It's a sprinkling of everything!

My biggest decision at the moment is deciding if I will keep the blog seperate or combine it with Scandalous Beauty. As I said on Twitter, I don't want to be one of the "talkaboutalittlebitofeverything" blogs. SB didn't start out that way, and I don't want to alter it to be that way! So, feel free to check me out. I'll be mobile blogging from NYC, stay tuned!

Hey everyone!

I haven't used this blog in over 3 years, but I thought I should come on over and update you! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my loc progress. I've been loc'd for 4 years now! This is a style I created a few weeks ago at a blog conference.

Also, I have a lifestyle blog called Peace, Love: Erin Joy right here on Blogger. It's a lifestyle blog that covers family, food, decor and the journey to my wedding in March. I post there every couple days, so I hope you'll follow me there! I'm still blogging about makeup on my beauty blog, Scandalous Beauty, and I've got new videos coming to my YouTube channel soon!


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all right, will chack it. hope on this new sire you wouldn't post so scary faces as you posted here. ;)

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